What is Palatable Jazz?

Palatable Jazz  is a web based series, segments and movement that focuses on culinary art while fusing other arts together, such as; music, dance, paintings, sculptures, sketches, poetry, spoken word poetry and other arts. The web series and segments in relation to culinary will present recipes, restaurant reviews, healthy eating, simple desserts, quick meals and more. The primary purpose of Palatable Jazz is to appeal to the audience through synesthesia, while educating them on each facet of art as it relates to oneself. 

Lets put the first appealing activity in motion. Clear your mind, let your imagination run free. 

I have a ice cold glass of lemonade. As I start to drink the lemonade, the first thing I feel is cold thin liquid touching my tongue and inner cheeks. Next, I taste tartness that seems to be astringent to my tongue causing the muscles in my face twitch and my tongue to snap up to the roof of my mouth involuntarily. This tartness is followed by a sweeter portion of  liquid that soothes my freshly petrified tongue. 

Challenge:   As you read above I described how my lemonade taste to me. So now I invite you to do the same.  Pour yourself a glass of lemonade, orange juice, apple juice, soda, coffee, tea, or whatever you desire. Use words to describe your palates reaction and the taste. List your taste and reaction in the Comment section of this blog page.




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