Rum Cream Shrimp Pasta

Rum Cream Shrimp Pasta Hey now, this is my kind of drink…oops I mean dish! This dish was inspired by a busy day and by busy…I mean the full tilt busy. The kind of busy when you can’t find your car keys, your cell phone, your purse, one of your children (even though they are […]

Capas Pollo Nachos (Layered Chicken Nachos)

Capas Pollo Nachos Serve 4-6 people In the spirit of  Cinco De Mayo, I want to share with you my Friday Family Night Favorite…Whoa! Say that ten times fast…(Corny, I know…hehehe). My boys absolutely love nachos for family night, so I am constantly creating a different nacho dish to keep the nachos exciting. Below is […]

All In Mac-N-Cheese

ALL IN MAC-N-CHEESE All In Mac-N-Cheese…wait, What?!? That’s exactly what I said when I created the name. I convinced myself that it was a fitting name for a dish such as this! I ultimately created this dish for my 4 year old whom cleverly learned how to remove undesirable foods (like vegetables) from most dishes I make […]

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