SoulStice Reb’L

SoulStice Reb’L Who is SoulStice Reb’L? What is SoulStice Reb’L? My answer is definitive. SoulStice Reb’L is a fusion sound as if Linkin Park meets Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Radio Head meets Jill Scott and John Legend encompassed into one band. The sound projected from them creates imagery so profound that you fully feel, see, […]

What is Palatable Jazz?

Palatable Jazz  is a web based series, segments and movement that focuses on culinary art while fusing other arts together, such as; music, dance, paintings, sculptures, sketches, poetry, spoken word poetry and other arts. The web series and segments in relation to culinary will present recipes, restaurant reviews, healthy eating, simple desserts, quick meals and more. The […]

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