Capas Pollo Nachos (Layered Chicken Nachos)

Capas Pollo Nachos Serve 4-6 people In the spirit of  Cinco De Mayo, I want to share with you my Friday Family Night Favorite…Whoa! Say that ten times fast…(Corny, I know…hehehe). My boys absolutely love nachos for family night, so I am constantly creating a different nacho dish to keep the nachos exciting. Below is […]

All In Mac-N-Cheese

ALL IN MAC-N-CHEESE All In Mac-N-Cheese…wait, What?!? That’s exactly what I said when I created the name. I convinced myself that it was a fitting name for a dish such as this! I ultimately created this dish for my 4 year old whom cleverly learned how to remove undesirable foods (like vegetables) from most dishes I make […]

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