Strawberry Lemonade

Pucker up butter cup! Pucker up for this tart, sweet, refreshing, citrusy, clean your palate while bursting with yummy fruit flavor drink that makes your mouth smile involuntarily. It can quench your thirst in the hot summer, tantalize the tongue of guest of a hosted gathering, or enhance the taste of a seafood based dish. It will make you cry out with a Rebel Yell, “More, More, More!”. It is that tasty if I so say so myself and I do! What You’ll Need ONE GALLON OF WATER 10 LEMONS 2 CUPS & 2 TABLESPOONS OF SUGAR 10 STRAWBERRIES KNIFE BLENDER PITCHER STIRRING SPOON FORK What to do Take the pitcher and pour in 2 cups of sugar. Pour water into the pitcher on top of the sugar and stir. Next, cut lemons in half take out seeds. Use the fork to go up into the pulp of the lemon and twist fork. Do this while holding the lemon over top of the pitcher while squeezing the top of the lemon. Once all lemons have been squeezed into pitcher, stir again. Cut off the green leafy part of the 10 strawberries and cut them all into quarters. Place cut strawberries in the blender with 2 tablespoons of sugar and blend together. Pour freshly blended strawberry puree into the pitcher and stir. Refrigerate for at least thirty minutes and then enjoy! Challenge: What other fruit so you suggest we try to replace the strawberries in this drink? Please give us the answer in the comment section below.

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