Strawberry Fields Forever

When I first hear the word Strawberries, I think of The Beatles Classic song “Strawberry Fields Forever” thus the name of this month’s food series. For the last few days of this month, we will uncover different ways to get this Vitamin C packed fruit into numerous delicious compositions.

Challenge: We would love to hear from you! Tell us, what is your favorite Strawberry based food composition? If you have a blog post that includes strawberries, please feel free to list the post title and your url in the comment section below.


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2 Comments to "Strawberry Fields Forever"

  1. […] will cover all month for our food series, Strawberries, other known as “Strawberry Fields Forever“. Please enjoy our first recipe dedicated to our “Strawberry Fields Forever” food […]

  2. This is my favorite shortcake — I like the Japanese style. It’s much lighter. 🙂

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