SoulStice Reb’L

SoulStice Reb’L

Who is SoulStice Reb’L? What is SoulStice Reb’L? My answer is definitive.

SoulStice Reb’L is a fusion sound as if Linkin Park meets Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Radio Head meets Jill Scott and John Legend encompassed into one band. The sound projected from them creates imagery so profound that you fully feel, see, and hear what they are conveying through their music. They are rebels in their own right, being unorthodox to the core in their art form creating the abstractness from their musical souls. Now that you have a sense of “who” and “what” is SoulStice Reb’L, let me introduce the abstract band.

Palatable Jazz proudly presents to you the five member SoulStice Reb’L band.

Lead Vocalist and Songwriter, Maria Rosado (front right)

Background Vocalist, Quionna Tynes (front left)

Guitarist and Drummer, Justin Reed (back left)

Bass Guitarist, Kyle Waters (back middle )

Emcee, Guitarist, Drummer, Songwriter and Vocalist, Richard “Testimony” Love (back right)

Plus one more, Manager, Janet Reed (not in picture)

I had the honor of sitting in on a practice recently, where the band prepared for a up coming diabetes awareness event to be hosted at a local supermarket. They were in a garage rehearsing with plugged in equipment and instruments with the humidity being about 80%. Even though they had fans blowing, it was so stifling that everyone was flushed in the face. That didn’t distract them or cause them to alter the energy they put into their rehearsal. They rehearsed full spirited and just flowed off of one another. They even had another artist by the name of Greg Gutty join them in their rehearsal to support him in his portion of the event. I realized while watching and listening, that this band was so musically inclined and in-tuned that their sound with even the outsider artist they created a harmonious musical chemistry. Through all of this, I could see the great pride and musicianship applied to get the music down correctly. It was genuinely all about the music. After getting the songs to where they wanted them to be, the artist with deep gratitude and graciousness departed with a huge smile on his face. SoulStice at that time defaulted back to their own music keeping the flow going.

As they continued to rehearse their songs for perfection, I was able to spend that time conversing with their manager, Janet Reed, who has a gift of her own. We talked about SoulStice Reb’l’s future endeavors as she prepared a wonderful dish to get her through the long haul of the rehearsal. Being the culinary artist that I am, I was very fond of her dish and its presentation. I was so fond of it I had to get a picture of what she prepared. The dish consisted of rice layered with black beans, chicken breast seasoned with crushed red pepper, black pepper, herbs and topped with Pico de Gallo. Simply Amazing color and protein rich dish. Janet never finished eating her food because she was so eager to hear what the band had accomplished in her absence.

So we went back to attending the rehearsal attentively giving them praises in between takes. As they wrapped up, Janet yells out “That was Hot!”. The band in turn smiled at her approval. As they packed up their instruments and equipment, I thought to myself “what a humble group of talented individuals”. I am glad to have had this opportunity to meet and hear this humble musical family whom are united through their love and dedication to their craft. They are truly inspiring. I look forward to seeing great things from them in the near future.

SoulStice Reb’L 100% Palatable Jazz approved! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Wanna hear a sample of their sound? Click here.


FYI:  SoulStice Reb’L will be performing for Palatable Jazz’s “The Great Bake For Children Sake” bake sale for a cause. We hope to see you there!


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4 Comments to "SoulStice Reb’L"

  1. […] located at 1425 Lynnhaven Parkway Virginia Beach, VA 23453. We will have performances by SoulStice Reb’L, The Rubber Peeple and two guest host. We will have face painting and Arts & Crafts for the […]

  2. DeAnn says:

    Great article and every bit of it is so true. This band has awesome chemistry. Good things are to come from this!

  3. Janet says:

    BOMB ARTICLE! Love ya Tazz! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Congratulations! This is awesome! I am so proud of you all. You have worked hard for this moment. The sky is the limited!

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