Simple Pico de Gallo

Simple Pico de Gallo

Let me first start off by saying…I am not one for eating any type of salsas or Pico de Gallo. When going to Mexican establishments, I usually turn down the offer on any fresh tomato based product with an “Yuck” expressed face (as if someone just dropped fresh lemon juice with salt on my tongue) and a “No, Thank YOU!” I know you all are like, “it’s not that serious!”. Yeaaaahhhh, for me it is. Let’s just say my hard palate and fresh tomatoes don’t see eye to eye. O_0

About 4 months ago, I was dared to try my own Pico de Gallo by a friend. Yes, the “Yuck” face herself makes Pico de Gallo and have made it a gazillion times (maybe about 25-30 times) without tasting it. Surprised?!…Most of my friends are too when they find out. So now you all know why I wasn’t in the least bit interested in the dare. Even when I heard, “How’d you make a Pico de Gallo this good and you’ve never tasted it?”. Hmmm……it’s that good Huh? I don’t think so! (I’m saying this inside my own head while shaking it.) After several attempts of getting me to try the Pico de Gallo…my friend quit plus she wanted the rest to take home. Yes, I still haven’t tried it and I probably will not.

Challenge: Although I will not try the Pico de Gallo myself, I depend on your descriptions to fill me in on the taste. Once you have tried and tasted the Pico de Gallo, give me a description using sensory details. Fun Twist use a song that you can make relate to how the Pico taste…Pictures please! Pictures can be sent to with “Simple Pico de Gallo Pics” on the subject line.

What you will need

6 seeded diced Roma tomatoes

1 small chopped Vidalia/Sweet Onion or half of a large one

1/4 cup of chopped Cilantro

1 lime

2 tsp. of Sea Salt


What to do

1. Put diced Roma tomatoes in a bowl.

2. Add chopped onions.

3. Add chopped Cilantro

4. Add Sea Salt

5. Gently roll lime back in forth on cutting board under palm to allow lime juice to migrate to the middle. Cut in half. Hold a half of lime over bowl, take a fork, stick in pulp, twist fork while squeezing lime to allow all the juices to flow onto veggies. Repeat with other half.

6. Mix together until everything is well incorporated.

7. Place in the refridgerator covered for about 2 hours.

8. Serve with a side of tortilla chips and Enjoy.

Variation: If you like it Hot, add a tsp of Chipotle spice and 1/4 tsp of Cayenne pepper (powder) between step 4 and 5.

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