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I was in awe as I stepped in front of the foliage covered stoop of a two story building that stands on the opposite corner of a medical campus. Once I reached the top of the brick semi-winding steps, I was greeted by cute bistro style patio tables and chairs with ornamentals surrounding them. From this view, I assumed that indoors would be quaint to match its Homes and Gardens outdoor appearance. I reached the glass black frame door with anticipation and was pleasantly surprise that the ambiance had exceeded my expectations. This chic bistro had mass appeal to make this food connoisseur feel privilege just to be inside of Press 626.

Picture this, to your right a sectioned off intimate room that can be use for a small private party.  An L shape bar that seemed to stretch across the full extent of the room. Marble topped tables with vino bottles filled with lavender flowers. This is just a few touches of detail that made this room oh so impressive.


Now that I have painted a visual picture of the Press 626 Cafe and Wine Bar. Let’s move on to the money shot. There is no eloquent way to perfectly describe the quality of food taste, food presentation, portion sizes and service of Press 626. I will attempt to try anyway. Excellent, bravo, great and perfect execution!

If you are into eating red meat, I recommend trying the monster steak. Wonderful blend of flavors where the sweet meets savory through the blending of tomatoes, caramelized red onions, and cilantro with a climactic spicy heat from chipotle aioli that resolves on the tongue smoothly as if you consumed sorbet (palate cleansing). However, this pulled beef does come vegetarian with a portabella version.

If you are into eating poultry, try The Italian Bird. This was the softest buttery tasting sour dough panini ever. Roasted red peppers and portabello mushrooms were tender, topped on chicken dressed in a pesto vingerette with mozzarella melted over it all.

These sandwiches come with a choice of cup of soup, fresh organic mesclun greens, sub-seasonal fruit or french fries (french fries are an extra $1.75).

After all I experienced at this establishment, I am glad that I was adventurous enough to stop into the Press 626 for lunch.

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