“Going Bananas” Farewell for Now

“Going Bananas” Farwell for Now

Banana Trifle

The month of June has come to an end and so has our complete concretration on the food series “Going Bananas”. We hoped you all enjoyed the recipes produced for our “Going Bananas” food series. As a continuation to the series, we will on occasion place a new recipe that contains bananas as an additive to other recipes from another food series. So, check periodically on our “Going Bananas” board on Pinterest for those occasional new banana recipes, recipe images, or blog postings.  Please feel free to share any banana based recipes that you have created or come across in our comment section below. If you are sharing someone else’s recipe, please give full credit to the originator of that recipe by including their name, blog or website link in the comment section.

Banana Chocolate Chip Pecan Muffins

We would like to thank everyone who have contributed to our “Going Bananas” food series. Special thanks go out to Whoissugar, On Sugar Mountain, Juanita Cocina, and Everything In the Kitchen Sink for sharing their Banana based recipes.

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Banana Pecan Cake with Cocoa Hazelnut Buttercream Icing










4 Comments to "“Going Bananas” Farewell for Now"

  1. Love everything with bananas. Thank you!

  2. gghie says:

    I would like to try the Banana Pecan Cake, looks delish!
    BTW, I nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award.
    Visit me for more info @ http://www.theredapronscravings.com


  3. Cakewhiz says:

    Yum yum! That banana pecan cake has me drooling here!lol

  4. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to July.

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