Dine Out for No Kid Hungry

Picture this…you are with your co-workers about an hour before your lunch break begins and you all start a poll of “what are we ordering for lunch or where are we going to go for lunch?”. You all go through the list of the most visited restaurants or a file folder full of take out and delivery menus. As you go through the conversations of deciding “what and where from?” 40 minutes have passed. Now, I don’t know about you and your co-workers…but for me and my past co-workers this would be the time we would panic and take-out would be the end result. With this kind of time that has passed this would mean that one if not all of us would either over order (because we are starving), get the food back late (which means we spent money for food we would have to eat cold during our 15 minute break later on) and/or absolutely hate what we ordered. Sound Familiar?!?

For one week …this week to be exact…from September 16-22, Share our Strength has made it easier for you to find that lunch spot for you and co-workers to dine out at. Join them and the rest of us, with your co-workers (even your boss…you may get a longer lunch if you invite him/her) to eat good food while helping kids across America to not be hungry. It’s not just for lunch, it’s for dinner too. Had a long day at work and couldn’t corral your workers for the out to lunch experience?  Well the “Dine out for No Kid Hungry” is all day long (well until the participating restaurants open and close for the day).  Take your family, spouse or/and yourself out to eat dinner to help “No Kid Hungry”.

I think it is a win win situation…Food and Charity…you going to pay for the food anyway…why not help a kid beat hunger while your at it!

For a List of Participating Restaurants, click here and spread the word!

Just a FYI

If you didn’t know, we (Palatable Jazz) will be having a charity bake sale soon to support No Kid Hungry and Share Our Strength campaign through the Great American Bake Sale. Let us know if you are interested in participating or supporting us support No Kid Hungry.

Here are some great supporters of the “No Kid Hungry”

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