Bake Sale for a Cause

The Great Bake for Children Sake

Making food is a skill, but feeding people is my passion. I cook with love and counsel with food. I appreciate the fact that we as a culinary society have come up with the name “Comfort Food”. I’ve come to realize that the meaning of comfort food differs from person to person. For instance, anything made of chocolate with a gooey texture will help me escape a stressful day. For someone else, it maybe a cup of tea with shortbread cookies that may help them unwind a bit. So, in essence the “Comfort Food” has aided in the counsel of ones emotion from time to time no matter what food it is. Could you imagine if you weren’t able to get that type of counsel I just mentioned because you are impoverished? Priority calling for you to try to receive just basic nourishment, so now “Comfort Food” takes on a whole new meaning. I’ve seen a mother putting together loose change to buy food just to keep her children fed. In other cases, there have been parents or a parent who would make sure their kids went to school even sick just so they could eat. Unfortunately, that would be the only time the child ate. It hurts my heart to know that there are children in America going to bed hungry. My passion for feeding people will not allow me to stand by to do nothing, knowing there are kids in America that are going to bed hungry. This is a real situation, that needs attention with a real solution. So, I am calling out to all my food bloggers, chefs, cooks, professional bakers, amateur bakers and restaurateurs to help in this “No Kid Hungry” movement in the form of a bake sale.

If you are interested in joining forces with Palatable Jazz in our “The Great Bake for Children’s Sake” Bake Sale, then please send us an email at Also, feel free to sign up or make a donation by clicking here. If you are interested in starting your own bake sale in your area, go to The Great American Bake Sale of No Kid Hungry.

Pass this blog post along to every friend, family member, co-worker or anyone that can help.

-Palatable Jazz

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3 Comments to "Bake Sale for a Cause"

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