Are you an artist that dance, sing, paint, sculpt, sketch, or cook? Are you striving to show your talent to the world? Do you want to be apart of something unique? Then Palatable Jazz is the scene for you.

We at Palatable Jazz strive to bring all aspects are art and artist together. We have found unique ways to blend the mediums together for the sake of respresentation, support, education, and synesthesia.

Every week there will be Palatable Jazz approved artist featured and displayed on Palatable Jazz’s ¬†facebook, twitter, blog, and video segment on it’s YouTube channel.

To become a part of the expression, email us at Be sure to give us the following information:

One photograph-photograph that represents artist and/or work

Genre-The artist specific form or style of art (spoken word, dance, canvas painter)

Tools (visual artist only)-visual artist can state the type of tools they use to create there art

Motivation-What motivates the artist to create

Inspiration-What or who inspired the art

Duration-When did the artist start with their craft

Accolades-This is to establish the artist reputation, diligence in their craft recognized by their peers, awards, education (if any formal exist, but is not necessary)

Links-the artist need to list any and all links that the audience can access the artist work such as; website, facebook, twitter, youtube channel, reverbnation etc.

Release Form Signed-release will be sent with approval notice

To keep our audience General, we prohibit provocative or explicit art.  

2 Comments to "Artist"

  1. Keith says:

    My name is Keith Wallace; I am a member of an independent jazz band in the Richmond area known as Quintessential Jazz Ensemble or QJE. We have a very solid fan base in the Richmond area, and we would love to be considered for any engagements or events you may be hosting or sponsoring.

    Just to give you some information on myself and the band, we just recently released a CD entitled “Seasons a Time to…”. We play extensively in the VA area and Washington DC. So far this year and last we have played at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, A featured event for Governor McDonald of Virginia, the Dog Wood Dell outdoor series, the Sycamore Rouge Theater, the Sunset at Harbor Pointe Washington DC, The Twins Jazz club Washington D.C, The Camel Club, The Hippodrome Theater A featured event for Governor Tim Kaine and we were also highlighted on the CBS morning show. I am enclosing a youtube video of the band performing at the Milestones Jazz Lounge in Richmond, VA. Please contact me at 804-892-3481

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